Flow Motion: A Wellness & Fitness Sanctuary . Architectural Photography

Massage Chair

Relaxation Room

Flow Motion is a yoga and relaxation retreat in Ferndale, WA. This 4,000 square foot facility is equipped with an infared sauna, zero gravity room,(massage chairs), yoga & massage rooms, and a relaxation room where you can sit back, read, or work on your laptop/tablet. Flow Motion required architectural photography that would depict a low key mood with glowing ambient and salt rock lighting in the corners of each of the main rooms. This photography will be used for their website, social media, and brochures. I think we did a marvelous job detailing the spirit of the facility in the photography. It was a wonderful creative collaboration with the owner and graphic designer.


Astro . Animal . Pet Photography

This was a studio portrait session with Astro. An energetic teenager shepard mix. Astro’s Mom wanted a few really nice portraits of him that captured his personality. Our session lasted about an hour. One quite unusual thing was that Astro enjoyed relating to the camera, as all good professional models do! When he threw that big smile at me, I melted. Mom was thrilled with the out-takes from the session. Many prints were made to distribute to family members, even wallet sizes-believe it or not! Photographing animals/pets is an adrenaline rush, you never know what to expect and there is always constant movement. My goal is to be spot on with focus, but sometimes an unpredictable blur is a welcome surprise. I was delighted with the results and so was Astro. I also want to acknowledge my retoucher, Lona Walburn, for such a wonderful job bringing out the detail in Astro’s fur and smile and creating a lovely color for the background.